Indy 500 – Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth will wave green flag not the hammer in Memorial Day weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana at 2018 Indianapolis 500 Indycar race. The 102nd running of the Indy 500 is an anual Verizon IndyCar Series event is presented by PennGrade Motor Oil is scheduled for 12:19 p.m. May 27.

Indy 500 – The Great American Automobile Race.

For a start, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of the racing circuits in which the motor races may be held. It is located in Speedway, Indiana. It was constructed in 1909 and was at the time of its construction the second such circuit in the United States (the first was the Brooklands).

The speedway has a permanent seating capacity of around 260,000 persons. Its overflow can accommodate an extra 140,000. This means up to 400,000 spectators may view the ongoing races at any given time! It has by far the highest capacity in the world.

The racing track measures 2.5 miles (4 km) long and is shaped in the form of a rectangle. Its straightways measure 5/8 miles (1,000 m) long, whereas its turns measure 0.25 miles (400 m). These two components are connected by two short straightways that measure 1/8 miles (200 m). These are located between the first and the second turns as well as between the third and the fourth turns.


Several races are held at the circuit at various times of the year. These include but are certainly not limited to the following:

Indianapolis 500

This race is held on the Memorial Day weekend which falls on the last days of the month of May each year. It is part of the Verizon IndyCar Series. This is by far the most competitive and challenging of the entire car racing championships in the United States. This particular race is also one of the three most prestigious motorsports events in the whole world. The other two are the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Monaco Grand Prix.

Brickyard 400

Popularly called the Big Machine Vodka 400 at the Brickyard, this is an annual race that covers around 400 miles (640 km). It was first held in 1994 and was the second race to be held at this racing circuit. It is NASCAR’s most popular and highly attended event. Under normal circumstances, it draws crowds of approximately 250,000 spectators each year. It also doubles up as the second best paying racing championship. It was temporarily called Allstate 400 at the Brickyard from 2005 to 2009.

United States Grand Prix

The United States Grand Prix is part of the worldwide Formula One motor racing championship. It is held in various locations in any given year. The race has been held at this racing facility on and on and off basis throughout the competitions. The last US Grand Prix racing championship that was held at the circuit was in 2007. It is yet to return to the site due to financial implications and challenges.

NASCAR and IROC at Indy

From 1998 onwards, the tracks have hosted the NASCAR and the IROC (International Race of Champions) motor racing events. These two races have consistently attracted huge crowds that have also brought in plenty of cash. The track has also been the host of several closely related events such as the Tudor United SportsCar Championship and the Brickyard Grand Prix.

Motorcycle Racing

These tracks hosted the Grand Prix motorcycle racing from 2008 to 2015. This was the first and so far the only motorcycle race at the tracks since its inception in 1909. For this to have happened, the facility was modified. The combined road course was modified to bring in new layouts to a total of around 16 turns. The course was also redesigned to turn in the anti-clockwise direction alongside several other modifications.

IndyCar Grand Prix

IndyCar Grand Prix is the latest sporting event to utilize the facility for racing. It started as recently as the year 2014. The activity takes advantage of the combined road course. It is held in early May each year and prepares for the upcoming Indianapolis 500. The circuit also had to be modified again to enable it to discharge this particular role. It is on the whole better for fans and better suited for these cars.

Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational

Lastly, is this Brickyard Vintage Racing competition. This championship is held every mid-June. This race is part of the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association. It also showcases oval track exhibitions and the annual Indy Legends Charity Pro-Am race.


Apart from the racing events discussed above, the circuit also hosts several other sporting activities as well. Below are but a few of them:


At various times between 1960 and 1968, this facility hosted the PGA Tour Event and the 500 Festival Open Invitations. Later on, in 1993, the track was reconstructed to bring in 27 holes for the sake of hosting the 18-hole championships.

Half Marathon

The city of Indianapolis has hosted a half-marathon since 1977. One of those laps takes place at this facility.

Opening Ceremony

In 1987, the facility hosted the opening ceremony of the Pan American Games.

Speed Roller Skating

Besides the opening ceremony, the facility also hosted the speed roller skating sporting activity in the said tournaments. This stemmed from its excellent and reliable surface that is excellent for such races.

Balloon Festival

In the three years that marked its 100th anniversary (2007-2009), several balloon festivals were held at the central facility. This was followed by several ceremonies to mark the events themselves.

Motor racing is a very exciting sporting activity. It tests endurance and the ability to negotiate tight corners at high speeds. Examples of these motor racing sporting activities are Formula One, Safari Rally, and Highway Racing, among others. Many people world over follow these games on television in case they just cannot watch them personally.

These races require courts that are specially designed. They are manufactured in such a way as to enhance the motion of the cars and to enable the viewers to have a clear glimpse of the competition. One such court, which subsequently forms our discussion, is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

As you may well have noted from the foregoing discussions, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a very valuable sporting facility. Its contribution to the development of various kinds of sporting activities cannot in any way be fully appreciated. It is, therefore, a venue you might want to pay a visit to at least once in your lifetime even if it is for purely non-sporting activity.

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